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Why Doctors are Crucial when Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

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Social Security Disability benefits are available for those with legitimate disabilities. Having access to these benefits is important for the thousands of disabled individuals living throughout the country. Those who are interested in regularly receiving these benefits must first complete an application where they are providing important information on their disabilities and the different ways that they negatively impact their way of life.

Despite the severity of these issues, many people receive a denial from the Social Security Administration the first time around. It is often due to a lack of evidence that would easily support disability claims. It is for this reason that doctors play an important role in the lives of those looking to apply for SSDI benefits.

What is the Role of the Doctor?

The doctor plays an important role for anyone who is applying for Social Security Disability, because they need the benefits due to a disability that keeps them from earning a living. The doctor may do the following things:

  • Regularly visit with the patient to get more details on their disability;
  • Provide different methods of treatment to the patient or provide referrals to have the patient visit with specialists and other medical professionals;
  • Document a list of the symptoms that a patient is complaining about experiencing when in the office;
  • Provide medical records and documents to the Social Security Administration that would support a patient’s claims;
  • Provide a statement on behalf of the patient that explains his or her condition in depth.

When a disabled person is regularly seeing their doctor and keeping up with usual appointments, they have a better chance of getting approved for the benefits they need and are hoping to receive. The doctor may act as an advocate on behalf of the patient, because the doctor knows more about the patient’s illness and symptoms than anyone else.

The Social Security Administration wants to make sure they are providing benefits to individuals with legitimate disabilities. After an individual completes an application for the benefits, the SSA may reach out to their primary care physician to get more information. The doctor is often on the patient’s side, because the doctor knows what the patient is going through and will likely continue to go through for the rest of their life.

When is it Best to See the Doctor?

Anyone with plans to apply for Social Security Disability should make it a priority to schedule an appointment with their primary doctor. Although the doctor does not get to decide if a patient gets approved or denied for benefits, the doctor can provide copies of medical records that would make the SSA more aware of the applicant’s disabilities and how those disabilities negatively affect the individual each day.

Some people with disabilities fail to visit the doctor as often as they should. It is not because they are not disabled, but simply because they might not feel comfortable in the office or they might not have a way to get to and from the doctor’s office when they have appointments. These individuals must work on making their appointments and showing up to those appointments.

If they are not going to the doctor’s office, a lack of medical information could cause the individual to have their application for benefits denied. Once an individual receives a denial notice from the SSA, they must then decide if they are going to appeal it or stop trying. Most people would want to appeal the decision because they truly need the benefits to get by.

Applying for Disability Benefits and Want to Get Approved? Walton Disability Would Like to Help You

If you have a disability that prevents you from holding down a job and making your own money, you may need to receive Social Security Disability benefits to have access to funds and health insurance that would cover medical expenses. When applying for these benefits, you should have documented information on your condition available after regularly visiting with your physician for assistance.

In addition to visiting with your physician on a routine basis, you should contact Walton Law for help with applying for the benefits you need. We want to make sure your application is completed correctly to improve your chances of getting the benefits you need without waiting too long. Contact Walton Law at 251-455-5819 for a free consultation.

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