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Do I Need to Hire an Attorney Before Submitting my Social Security Disability Claim?

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There are millions of disability claims filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA) every year. Not all of those claims will be handled with the help of an attorney, but many will be. An important thing to note regarding a disability claim is that no two claims are alike. So, if you’ve talked to someone who has filed a claim before, don’t expect to obtain the same results as them. Even if it was for the same disability; all claims are different.

Do you need to hire an attorney before submitting a Social Security disability claim? Let’s examine this question in today’s post.

Receive Guidance with Initial Claim

More often than not, your disability claim will be denied on the initial filing with the SSA. Why? One reason is that, many times, those who file claims make mistakes. The claims process is extremely confusing, and claimants often make technical errors, fail to provide proper supporting documentation, and many others.

This situation can be avoided with the help of a Social Security Disability attorney. An attorney knows how to file a disability claim and will pour over your paperwork to make sure there is no information missing that could lead to the claim being denied.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Attorney?

As you most likely do with every big decision you make, you will want to find out the benefits of hiring an attorney for your disability claim. Here are just a few of them:

  • Have the claims process explained thoroughly
  • Have your questions answered in a timely manner
  • Have the lawyer handle phone calls or email correspondence with the SSA
  • Increase the likelihood that your initial claim will be approved
  • Increase your chances of avoiding an appeal
  • Help you meet all filing deadlines
  • Your attorney will be notified promptly of all issues or decisions regarding your case by the SSA
  • A lawyer understands the rules and laws that govern Social Security disability
  • Acquire documents that help you prove your disability
  • Assist you with filing an appeal if you didn’t have an attorney helping you with the initial claim

Completing Required Forms

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an attorney prior to submitting your disability claim is when the time comes to complete the required forms. The SSA will want to know all about your daily activities, including your work schedule. For example, there is a section to explain the chores you perform at home. Instead of simply writing that you vacuum, a lawyer will advise you to provide a stronger narrative. If you can only vacuum until your back hurts, write that down on the form. Whether it’s five minutes, ten minutes, or twenty minutes. You need to be as descriptive as possible about how your disability has affected your activities.

The Earlier, the Better

It’s important to understand how much an attorney can help you when the time comes to file a claim for disability with the SSA. In fact, the earlier you call an attorney into the process, the better off you will be in the end. Having a lawyer on your side from the very beginning of the claims process will make it easier for them to prepare your claim. Having to hire a lawyer after your claim has been denied and then having to fill them in can slow things down and make the appeals process more difficult. Even if the initial claim, with the help of a lawyer is denied, appealing the denial will be a much smoother process, because your lawyer is already well-versed regarding your situation.

Speak to an Experienced Social Security Disability Attorney Today

Have you been denied Social Security disability benefits? Do you need to file a disability claim for the first time? Are you worried that filing without the help of a lawyer will hurt your chances for approval? If so, it’s time that you speak with an experienced Social Security disability benefits attorney in Alabama. Call the office of Walton Law, LLC at 251-455-5819 to schedule a consultation about your case. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help you file your claim and secure the benefits you need while out of work.

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